10 Minutes with: Suliman – Gillian June

10 Minutes with: Suliman


I am a tailor in Sierra Leone. I'm just starting out. I have been an apprentice to my older brother Obai for 7 months. I started just doing small things for him. Now I want to get my own sewing machine. I also want to make enough money so I can finish my schooling.

All my brothers are tailors too. Since our father died it's how we make money for the family.

I mostly make trousers and women's bags. My friend Mohamed sells the bags I make from his kiosk next to our shop. 

My older brother gets most of our fabric from markets near our shop or in Freetown. They come from Guinea or Gambia.

It's very common for people in Sierra Leone to have their clothes repaired. Buying new clothes all the time is too expensive. 

 I make most of my own clothes- trousers and shirts, everything.

There are lots of female tailors here. I think it's close to 50:50 men and women in Sierra Leone.

I don't really know what I would like to do if I wasn't a tailor. I like tailoring so I will stick with this. It's a good job for me and people respect tailors here.


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