30 Wears: Anty Lock – Gillian June

30 Wears: Anty Lock


My #30Wears garment is a skirt from Claudie Pierlot. I like to buy something special when something good happens, when I got promoted I bought a Longchamp bag and when I look at it it reminds you of that event. I think you value things more if there is a story behind it. I do if I spend a lot on something, I want to get a lot of wear out of it. But this is really well made and i think I've probably worn it once a week since I bought it.


I'd like to see how long clothing takes to make. Rather than where something was made, how it was made. How long did it take and how many people were involved, including the people who picked the cotton and spun the yarn, e.g. this top took 10 people 5 hours of work. I think that would have a really positive effect on how we begun to view clothing's worth. It's something we can get our heads around, we know how we value our own time. I think change will definitely have to come in a positive way. Making consumers feel guilty won't change anything.


I think everyone likes to see the human side of business. There is a wonderful company called Fine Cell Work which teaches people in prison (predominantly men) skills like needle point and embroidery. When you buy a cushion from there you are told who stitched it which is a really ncie touch. And makes the consumer feel like they've helped an individual.


I'd love to see the journey taken by a jacket for example. Where the fibres where grown, to being spun and turned into fabric, where the trimmings come from to wherever the factory is that makes it up, seeing the path it took until it arrives on our high street. (editors note: FYI this was done with a t-shirt by NPR)


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