30 Wears: Connie Knox


My #30Wears item is my Converse shoes. I bought them when I was 14! I had a stage of thinking they made my feet look like a duck so I went off them, but recently found them again and now I wear them all the time. 


I think its good to carry on the legacy of clothing. Most of my coats have come from charity shops. You can find such gems for amazing good value. Particularly coats, I found a half cashmere overcoat which was made on Savile Row that cost me £60! I'm cold blooded so I love a coat. I don't like being too fussy with clothes, but a coat can turn jeans and a t-shirt into an outfit. Or if I have to wear something smarter for an event I can throw a coat over the top and I'll feel a bit more comfortable. 


I don't specifically try to shop ethically. That sounds like it would be expensive and it doesn't feel like there are that many options, particularly for bricks and mortar shops. It's rare nowadays to find something other than the usual chains on a high street.


Besides, I have reservations about how ethical something really is. We all know Primark isn't good but H&M make a big song and dance with their conscious collection yet I've heard they are one of the worst offenders. So how can you tell that a company is telling the truth? Topshop is more expensive and I suppose the clothes are slightly better quality but are you just paying for slightly nicer fabrics? Is everything still made in the same sweatshops?


I would like to know that if I'm paying more for something, I'm not just paying for the label, that it's actually better made. If you buy something from a smaller brand you get more of the story. Being Scottish I love seeing a 'Made in Scotland' label.


Brands and big companies have a responsibility to improve conditions. It's such a cop out to blame the consumer. We're ignorant, we don't have the time to research every part of their business particularly when it's so opaque. We are going to take things on face value. 

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