30 Wears: Fran Jenkins – Gillian June

30 Wears: Fran Jenkins

30 Wears Interview: Fashion Revolution


My #30Wears garment is a dress I bought to wear on Christmas day with my family. But I can also wear it for work. I work for a creative department within a corporate office so everything I buy now has to be able to go over a black polo neck and black tights to make me look smart.


I won't really just wander around shops to browse for the sake of browsing. I hardly ever buy things unless I'm going on holiday or I've got a particular event coming up. And then I'll look for specific things, usually online. At the moment I'm looking for the perfect pair of denim shorts.


I would describe my shopping style as a panic binge. I'm that person who will buy £100 worth of things online to get the free delivery. And then send most of it back. Although most of the time I'll end up keeping more than I thought I would. But then I will take stuff to car boot sales, so I never just throw things away. And I don't do it very often.


I used to see things on other people and think that looks nice, where do I get it. Where as now I think that looks great on her, but might not suit me. I've become a lot better about choosing things for me. I'd say I'm a lot less trend-led now. I have to be more careful about what I spend money on these days. I had far more disposable income when I was younger, my student loan might have paid for most of my wardrobe!


I find a lot of new brands on Instagram. I'm going away soon so have been looking at loads of pictures of beaches etc and Instagram have been sending me sponsored posts of lovely swimwear and holiday clothes which is nice. It's great for finding interiors accounts as well. I probably spend way more on things for my flat, frames and cushions and things. I think maybe I'm just a bit disinterested in clothing at the moment. 


I would say I'm probably more conscientious about food than I am about clothing. I used to always buy organic or free range meat. Now I try to just have less of it in my diet full stop. I don't buy anything from Nestle because of the numerous controversies surrounding their use of child labour, their advertising practices in the developing world and the struggles over bottled water in California, but I'm not sure I've ever boycotted a clothing shop. Maybe Primark but not very actively- I just don't tend to buy much from there.


My mum and my gran are both amazing seamstresses who've made loads of their own clothes and stuff for me and my sisters. Maybe I should get them to teach me to sew!

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