30 Wears: Katie Herlinger

30 Wears Interview: Fashion Revolution

My #30Wears garment came from an event at Somerset House during London Fashion Week. I expected my mum to hate it because it's bright pink but she loved it as much as I did so agreed to split the cost with me. We both love to support independent designers.


Especially as recently it's felt like the high street shops have increased their prices despite the quality declining. It feels like a terrible investment. With a brand like Topshop, who has been usurped by ASOS, their declining sales seems to have resulted in a steep decline in quality. If you are trying to make the same amount of money from fewer sales then you have to cut corners.


I think quality control is one reason independent brands appeal to me. The designer will be so much more hands on. Since reputation is so important when starting out, they aren't going to put out something that they aren't 100% happy with.


I express my personality through clothing. Particularly now that I have to be a bit more demure for work, when I can wear what I like it will tend to be more outlandish, lots of prints and loud colours. Like intense bursts of personality. I like to see creativity in fashion. 


I have inherited so many clothes from my mum that I've developed an obsession with keeping things for the next generation. I have my American Apparel disco pants, that everyone had a few years ago, folded away neatly. I'll never wear them again but I love the idea of trying to explain them to the next generation. Clothes definitely hold sentimental value for me.

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