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30 Wears: Liv Seal

30 Wears Interview: Fashion Revolution

My #30Wears garment was going to be these Benjamin Bunny trousers, which I dyed myself. But actually I've opted for my coat, I've had it for years and years. The other day the toggle broke so I sewed a hair-tie onto it for a fastener.  


I always repair clothes. I like sewing and if I can't find quite the right thing I'll make it/dye it/alter it. I had a brocade coat that had cheap plastic buttons so I replaced them with ones made out of chocolate coin wrappers! I loved it! I wore it to death until, heartbreakingly, I lost it. 


I would spend more on a coat or shoes because you’ll get more wear out of them. And I'd spend more on a reputable brand because you'd expect them to be well made. I've bought so many pairs of cheap trainers and they’ve all just fallen apart. It would have been better to have bought a proper pair in the first place. The only things I’ve ever bought that I’ve really regretted have been cheap shoes which have given me blisters.


I used to buy more quirky one-off things back when I had more of a disposable income. Now my wardrobe is probably 50% high street, 50% vintage pieces. But those statement pieces I invested in years ago are still around and still in great condition. If something has survived since the 70’s that suggests it will survive a few more years. Clothes were just better made back then.


If I buy from the high street I always buy things in pairs. Usually a pale version and a dark version. So I'll have one to go with everything. Although the darker option always gets more wear.  


If I imagine ethical clothing I think of either really scratchy, baggy, hessian sacks or really beautiful, lovely but expensive fabrics.

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