30 Wears: Vicky Guy – Gillian June

30 Wears: Vicky Guy

30 Wears Interview: Fashion Revolution

My #30Wears garment is my pyjamas. What item of clothing do you wear more? Most of my wardrobe has been worn 30 times. I'm a hoarder- what if the next generation want some of this?


Fashion is cyclical. I don't want to throw things away just to replace them a few years later with something similar. I bet in the 90's everyone said leg warmers would never come back into fashion, yet when I was 15 they were all the rage. Maybe if my mum had kept the ones she always used to tell us about then I wouldn't have bought an acrylic pair from Topshop. 


I love fashion. I produce fashion shows for a living so I'm surrounded by beautiful things all the time which probably makes me shop more than I need to.


Men have it so much easier than women. Take black tie for example. A boy can buy a tux in his 20's and keep it for his whole life. Women are expected to come in something different every time. 

If a celebrity wears something repeatedly it's cause for an article. Remember Sarah Millican? Or Kate Middleton and her nude pumps. Who on earth only wears shoes once? Heels are usually excruciating until you've worn them in.


Celebrities have such an influence on trends whether you're conscious of it or not. Imagine what a difference it would make if they began to buck those traditions. If instead of "Who wore it better" pages there was "When did she style it better" with pictures of a celebrity wearing the same thing in lots of different ways. We need to make it cool to get a lot of wear out of it, competitive creativity! I mean ideally it would be better if we just completely stopped paying any attention to what someone wears while they're buying a pint of milk, but one battle at a time.


Events like those at Burberry's Makers House are a really creative way to introduce people to an atelier, so they can see how much work goes into making clothes. Guilt doesn't change behaviour. Ask vegans. You need to make the alternatives attractive and available. Emma Watson is doing a really good job of this with @the_press_tour

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