30 Wears: Victoria Hall – Gillian June

30 Wears: Victoria Hall

30 Wears Interview: Fashion Revolution

My #30Wears garment came from my great-great aunt Val, who bought it in the 60's. I will always associate it with my mum picking me up from school when I was little. My mum passed it on to me and I find myself throwing it on all the time. 


I have quite a lot of coats from my mum. Mostly leather and suede pieces, including some belts and a couple of handbags. It was so much better made in her day, maybe because they weren't as mass produced. I think this coat was handmade. I suppose if you're making 1000's of something, every penny you can save is going to be worth it but you lose the attention to detail that makes a garment so special.


If something is really cheap you don't think twice if you leave it in a heap or spill something on it. But more expensive items get hung up and dry cleaned. One of the problems with fast fashion is that it devalues clothing so we don't take any care of it. No wonder nothing lasts.


We've come to think of clothes as disposable. Why would you repair something if it's cheaper and easier to buy a new one? We are referred to as consumers but fashion shouldn't be consumed like a sandwich. Perhaps a change in the language might help. 


When people talk about ethical clothing I imagine a hippie smoking weed in a cafe selling hemp based cake and candles. The clothes would be beige and floaty. 


It will haunt me if I buy something and never wear it. When I was 15 I bought a backless red top with stars on it. It was the tackiest thing I've ever owned and was instantly regretted. But I spent £40 on it, which was so much money to a 15 year old, so I refused to get rid of it. I think I once forced myself to wear it to a Justin Timberlake concert and it ruined my night. Even think about it now annoys me.


I don't actively look at where something has been made but if I notice that something's come from China I feel a bit guilty abut how far it's had to travel when there are plenty of amazing things being made right here in the UK.

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