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No Waste Fashion

I've covered this before so sorry for banging on- but I really hate wasting fabric. Sourcing cloth is one of the best things about this job. I can sniff out a fabric shop wherever I go- in Seoul recently I found a seven floor emporium! It's a wonder they didn't have to send in a search party. 

So it used to really pain me when beautiful pieces of cloth were going to waste. Apparently up to 15% ends up on the cutting room floor. This can be even more with custom or Bespoke orders.
Well not anymore!
We have taken all those little pieces and spent weeks thinking of new ways to use them. So far we have had babies trousers with some of the bigger pieces, scrunchies with the teeny tiny pieces, and now little dresses! Printed cotton, gorgeous summery linens, and even some wool in lovely bold colours.

They are now available in our Zero Waste collection.

If you have any ideas of other things we could make with these smaller pieces we are all ears. 

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