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Ethical vs Sustainable

Ethical vs Sustainable
I've been thinking a lot about what these two words mean. They crop up all over social media as hasht...

What's Happening during Fashion Revolution Week 2018?

Gillian June is taking part in the Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution Pop-Up at the Museum of Brands, 

The Ugly Trainer: Practical Footwear for Trends A/W 18

The Ugly Trainer: Practical Footwear for Trends A/W 18
I'm doing backflips. The Kitten heel is one of the most annoying trends ever to grace the pavements and I cannot believe it ever got a second round. While there will still be some carefully balanced Glamazons who are able to stomp around in this ridiculous excuse for a sole throughout winter, I can go back to marching with dignity, and without fear of toppling. 

The Golden Globes: Time's Up

The Golden Globes: Time's Up
  There is obviously something very powerful about the visual of all these people in the same colour. It unites people, shows they are...

Style Trends 2018: The Eighties

Style Trends 2018: The Eighties
2018 is the year of Power Dressing 2.0. Big shoulders, bold colours and plenty of gorgeous tailoring. Put down your flares and suede, 201...

30 Wears: Connie Knox

Brands and big companies have a responsibility to improve conditions. It's such a cop out to blame the consumer. We're ignorant, we don't have the time to research every part of their business particularly when it's so opaque. We are going to take things on face value. 

30 Wears: Carlo Trotter

My #30Wears garment is this navy coat with embroidered butterflies. I've had it for years. This was the first one I got but I have since bought...

30 Wears: Victoria Hall

My #30Wears garment came from my great-great aunt Val, who bought it in the 60's. I will always associate it with my mum picking me up from sch...

30 Wears: Vicky Guy

My #30Wears garment is my pyjamas. What item of clothing do you wear more? Most of my wardrobe has been worn 30 times. I'm a hoarder- what if t...

30 Wears: Emma Johnson-Gilbert

My #30Wears garment is a jacket which belonged to my mother. One of my most lasting images of my mother is that she always changed for dinner. ...

30 Wears: Katie Herlinger

My #30Wears garment came from an event at Somerset House during London Fashion Week. I expected my mum to hate it because it's bright pink but ...

30 Wears: Florence Milner

My #30Wears garment is a Pull and Bear denim jacket that I bought 2 or 3 years ago. I love denim. I think throughout my life I've always had a gr...