The Golden Globes: Time's Up – Gillian June

The Golden Globes: Time's Up


There is obviously something very powerful about the visual of all these people in the same colour. It unites people, shows they are part of a tribe, that this movement is snowballing not shrinking. It took the volume of #metoo tweets for some people to realise how prolific harassment is and this sign of solidarity continues that inclusion, that coming together, that thing that says you are not alone, you are one of us. We've got your back. 

But I wish they'd picked a different colour. 

Firstly because men all wear black to these events anyway. So there is nothing to distinguish outspoken allies from men who just don't want to rock the boat, from the perpetrators of this culture. What a statement if every man had turned up in crimson tuxes or yellow hats. Or just something which would have required them to make more effort to show their allegiance  than wearing the same suit they wore the year before. 


Secondly because black has long been a colour people wear to fade into the background. It is what you wear when you want to look smart but safe. It is not the colour you reach for when you want to be centre stage. I would have loved to see the TimesUp movement pick red or hot pink. Or yellow. Something bold to match the message of this uprising. 


And thirdly, whilst it is tragic that the culture had to reach such extremes before anything was done, things are now being done. People are finally feeling like they can speak up. This is not a time for mourning! 
This is a time to celebrate. Women without a voice, who feel downtrodden, harassed, marginalised and ignored are seeing people with a global platform coming forward and making this their fight. This can only have a trickle down effect. This can only serve to help. 


So keep up the good fight. But don't be afraid to be noisy about it. Be bold, be fearless, be seen and feel free to do it all in technicolour.

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