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The Ugly Trainer: Practical Footwear for Trends A/W 18

Flat fans rejoice!! 

It seems Normcore fashion has found our feet!!!


Prada and Calvin Klein understand that Winter is a wet time and that stepping in a puddle right up to your muddle can put you in an indefinitely long bad mood. Enter the Catwalk Wellie. Obviously it wouldn't be high-fashion if it wasn't just a little impractical so they have both opted for white, a famously city-friendly colour! 


 Calvin Klein


Balenciaga have brought back the platform trainer of the 90’s and (if it’s possible) made it clunkier and bumpier than ever. Enter the Ugly Trainer. Apparently the hot trend for A/W18. Possibly because, despite the unattractive sight of these, they are the most comfortable thing to ever come out of a couturier. The hand knitted cardigan of the feet world. And anyone who works standing up should be thrilled! The thick, bulbous soles will have you bouncing through your day. Pair with a pastel coloured double-breasted suit for extra trendy points.


Vetements x Reebok

Raf Simons x Adidas 


 Maison Margiela


I've saved the best til last.




I'm doing backflips. The Kitten heel is one of the most annoying trends ever to grace the pavements and I cannot believe it ever got a second round. While there will still be some carefully balanced Glamazons who are able to stomp around in this ridiculous excuse for a sole throughout winter, I can go back to marching with dignity, and without fear of toppling. 

I love a chunky boot, be it ankle, knee or thigh high. You can do some serious stomping in them. I can walk tall and proud without fear of stumbling. Fellow clumsy folk- this is one is for you. 






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