What's Happening during Fashion Revolution Week 2018? – Gillian June

What's Happening during Fashion Revolution Week 2018?

On Tuesday 24th April it will have been 5 years since the Rana Plaza disaster. There has been a huge amount of change in the industry since this catastrophe but there is still a long way to go.
Each year since 2013 the tragedy is marked with a week of events and talks known as Fashion Revolution Week.
Pebble Magazine thinks we need this Revolution because:
  • Global fashion production has doubled since 2000
  • A garment is worn just 4 times on average 
  • British women hoard on average just under £300 of clothing they never wear
  • 95% of clothing can’t be recycled
  • Out of 219 mainstream fashion brands only 12% could demonstrate that they paid their garment workers a fair wage.
If you'd like to get involved this year then here are some dates for your diary:
Monday 23rd
Join Gillian June and other brands including Where Does It Come From?, Enchanted Rebels, WYNAD Clothing and You Underwear, plus many more to discuss the issues surrounding creating fair fashion, what changes you can make and what questions we should all be asking. 
Tuesday 24th
Style and Swap. 
Join Emma Slade-Edmondson, the stylist behind Back of the Wardrobe, bring a bag of old clothes and have a good old rummage for some new second hand pieces. Get some styling advice and be snapped in your new outfit.
Get your tickets here
Saturday 28th 
Gillian June is taking part in the Ethical Brands for Fashion Revolution Pop-Up at the Museum of Brands, a showcase of the UK's leading Independent ethical fashion brands.
Get your tickets here.

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