Design Philosophy – Gillian June

Design Philosophy

Gillian June Studio Life

Gillian June is a women’s clothing brand with strong roots in tailoring. Founder, Imogen, trained as a Coat Maker on London’s prestigious Savile Row.


Falling in love with the considered approach to creating garments, Imogen set out to bring that philosophy to a wider audience.

This tailoring background can be seen in the cut and fit of every Gillian June garment, from dresses to coats. The combining of traditional fabrics like wool and linen with contemporary and cutting edge fabrics such as Tencel have become Gillian June's signature style. 

Classic silhouettes executed in flattering hues with contrast patterns and trims suit women of all ages and shapes. And every piece can be tailored to the customer's specifications. 

These are clothes which are designed to be loved, cared for, repaired and handed down to the next generation. 

It is the antithesis of Fast Fashion.