Our Story – Gillian June

Our Story

 Gillian June Founder Imogen Pressing a Coat

Gillian June was founded in 2016 by London College of Fashion Graduate, Imogen Johnson-Gilbert.


Imogen learnt to sew at a young age, using her grandmother's manual Singer. She got her own machine at 13 and has been sewing ever since.


Her interest in well-crafted clothes deepened whilst studying for a BA in Classics at Edinburgh University. Edinburgh is a city full of quirky second hand clothing shops where Imogen would discover gems in need of a little repair.


Realising how much of her time was spent sewing rather than reading, Imogen returned to London to do a BA in Bespoke Tailoring at London College of Fashion.


As she trained to become a coat-maker on London's prestigious Savile Row, Imogen noted the consideration which went into producing each garment. As a result, they are cared for, repaired and passed down to the next generation. The first 3 months of her training consisted of repairing clothes older than her.


Imogen began to think of a way she could bring the philosophy of traditional tailoring to a contemporary audience.


In 2015, a trip to Cambodia highlighted the stark and tragic contrast between Fast Fashion and Bespoke Tailoring, both in the treatment of the clothes and the people producing them.


In 2016 Gillian June was born. Named after Imogen’s grandmother, the most stylish lady around, Gillian June began as a Made-to-Measure service, encouraging customers to choose their cloth, the linings, the trimmings and finishings. Including them in the design process not only educated people about the amount of work which goes into clothing production, but also helped them to feel invested in it and therefore more likely to care for the garment.


2018 saw the introduction of our first Ready-to-Wear collection. Wanting to make sure we don’t contribute to the negative side of the Fashion Industry we have worked exclusively with a WFTO to produce it. As with the jackets, all items can be altered and tailored to the clients specifications.


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